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JSD-1 - Hunting Suppressor

JSD-1 - Jagdschalldämpfer
JSD-1 - Jagdschalldämpfer Vorder- und Rückseite

With our experience gained in Military and Law Enforcment Projects we decided to develop a hunting suppressor. Due to the use of titanium parts the Unique Alpine JSD-1 is exceptional ruged and durable while still being lite weight.

Caliber 5,56mm-8mm, 8mm-9,5mm
Diameter 40mm
Length 210mm
extension to the rifle 194mm
Material Stainles steel Tubue, suppressor core from Titanium, Attachement- and Endcap from Titanium
Interface Thread M15x1, M17x1, M18x1, 5/8-24 UNEF, other upon request
Weight approx. 500gr
  • System
    Modified baffle system with Primary expension chamber.
  • Suppression
    The muzzleblast is reduced by approx. 25 dB (depending on caliber, barrel length and ammunition used)
  • Durability
    Well chosen material and advanced design allow the JSD-1 to endure firing sequenses of at least 40 rounds of 338 Lapua Magnum per Minute. It outclasses any Aluminumdesign.
  • Recoil reduction
    Recoil and muzzle rise are significantely reduced
  • Signatur
    Significantely reduced muzzle Flash. No dazzling due to the shot.
  • Maintenance
    The design of the JSD-1 allows for cleaning and replacement of parts.
  • Interface
    The JSD-1 threds directly to the muzzle of your rifle
  • Surface 
    All parts are threated in a way to meet NATO Norm AC225/D14 corrosion requrements.
  • Size
    Shooting with ironsights is no problem due to the small diameter of the JSD-1