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Home of Precision

Stand-alone solutions arise when craftsmanship and the courage to strike new paths meet one another.

The overall concept of the Unique Alpine tactical precision rifle is distinguished by its originality, innovative technology, and perfectionism.

Our mission is to build arms for professional users who need and demand an advanced, technically perfect weapon system with extreme precision.

The versatility of the Unique Alpine weapon system is the result of the synergy of ergonomically features and advanced technologies as well as the fully modular design.

We rely on modern design and development methods such as CAD / CAM and test procedures in the development process on the use of current and future-oriented components, materials and manufacturing processes. For example, the milling and turning parts are manufactured on high tech CNC machines.

We use superior materials and manufacturing processes only. The surroundings of greater Munich area provide us with excellent opportunities to use the know-how from other companies.