Unique Alpine UPG-Series

Universal Precision Rifle

Our work begins where the average ends. A new era of universal precision rifles, the Unique Alpine UPG-Series. 

Based on the experiences of the tactical precision rifle TPG-3, the UPG-1 has similar characteristics, for example, a heavy match barrel with an opening thread for attaching recoil brakes and / or suppressors. Also the UPG-1 is capable to use AICS Standard Magazines. Thereby, the shooter is not restricted to a magazine and can access various brands.

Available in four calibers, different barrel-lenghts and different selectable rear shafts, the UPG-1 is unbeatable in its class!

Technical Data

Caliber, Dimensions and Weights

Caliber: .243 Win. ; 6,5 Creedmoore ; 6,5x47 Lapua ; .308 Win.

Trigger: Stage-Trigger, adjustable 1.5 - 2.5Kg

Barrel Length: 16,5" (419mm) ; 20" (508mm) ; 24" (609mm) ; 26" (650mm)

Scope Mount: Mil Spec 1913 Rail (Picatinny Rail)

Accessory Interface: M-lock (Front Rail)

Total Length: 92cm - 116cm

Weight: 4,5Kg - 5,6Kg (depending on Barrel Length)

General Features

- Primary Extractor 

The case is released from the cartridge bearing during the unlocking movement. Tight-fitting and clamping cases are a thing of the past, easy removal and safe ejection of the cartridge sleeve is ensured under all conditions.  

- Controlled Loading

The cartridge is pushed during feeding under the extractor claw and held during the feeding process. As a result, a safe and trouble-free supply of the cartridge into the cartridge bearing is achieved in every possible weapon position. 

- Controlled Ejection

The case is held in the ejection process by the extraction claw until it is ejected by the system-proof ejector. Depending on the repetition speed, the sleeve drops or flies out of the system. This allows a situation-dependent ejection. 

- 3-Point Safety Switch

The safety of the UPG-1 has three positions: "Fire", "Safe", "Safe and Locked". It acts directly on the striker. A shot delivery by impact or breakage of the trigger blade is excluded. 

- 3-Point Locking Mechanism

Sturdy and reliable locking thanks to the three load-bearing locking nipples made of high-strength special steel. 

- 60° Opening Angle 

Allows a fast and safe repetition process even under the most adverse conditions.

- Match Trigger 

The adjustable match trigger can be precisely adjusted as desired. It has an excellent, dry trigger characteristic for the controlled fire. 

- Material 

The system as well as the locking-mechanism and barrel are made of high-strength special steel, which is used by us in the production of military weapons. This ensures the highest safety even in the case of pressure peaks due to overloaded ammunition.

- Surface

All metal parts are treated by us in a process which ensures corrosion protection according to the NATO standard AC225 / D14. 

- Stock

Aluminum chassis, with replaceable front and back, pistol grip (AR15 interface) Adjustable cheek piece and cheek piece cap. STANAG interface for monopod, accessory interface M-Lock on the forehead. Folding shaft in preparation. 

- Magazine

AICS Standard Magazine with 10 rounds (Cal. 308 Win.).

- Barrel

Heavy match barrel with M18x1 thread to attach suppressor / muzzle brake.



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