Silence is the new Power

The *new* JSD-1 Silencer for Hunting & Sports

Based on many years of experience in the military and law enforcement markets, the JSD-1 is a silencer especially developed for hunting and sporting applications. This is characterized especially by its robustness, long life time and leightweight construction by using titanium steel parts.

Caliber, Dimensions & Weights

Caliber: Bullet diameter of 5,6mm to 8mm and 8mm to 9,5mm

Weight: 500gr

Length: 210mm

Diameter: 40mm

Interface: Threads M15x1; M17x1; M18x1, other sizes on request

Material: Steel Tube, Absorption-Sytem Titan, Screw Cap Titan, End Caps Titan

General Features

- System

Modified multi Chamber system with primary expansion Chamber. 

- Absorption

The muzzle blast is attenuated by approx. 30 dB (depending on caliber, barrel length and ammunition used). 

- Shooting Capability

The JSD-1 allows for a fast succession of up to 40 rounds per minute (.338LM) thanks to its design features and selected material application. 

- Recoil Reduction

The recoil and the muzzle flip will be reduced significantly.

- Signature

The muzzle flash is considerably reduced by using the JSD-1. The glare of the shot is prevented. 

- Maintenance

The construction of the JSD-1 allows the user to clean parts of the silencer or replace them if needed.

- Connections

The JSD-1 has a standard connection thread to the barrel of the weapon.

- Material

For maximum durability and safety, the JSD-1 uses a seamless steel tube made of stainless steel. Caps and the damper system are made of a high-strength titanium alloy. The material mix ensures maximum safety and long life at low weight. 

- Surface

All metal parts are treated by us in a process which ensures corrosion protection according to the NATO standard AC225 / D14. 

- Form

Due to the slim shape of the JSD-1, the shooting through the rear and front sight is not affected.